[LYRIC TRANSLATION] “Seoul” (서울사람) – Hong Jinyoung (홍진영) feat. Bray (브레이)

English Translation

(Hong Jinyoung V/O)
Hello, it’s the first broadcast of Hong Jinyoung’s Seoul FM. I’m DJ Hong Jinyoung. It’s my first time being a DJ so I’m very nervous but going forward, I will be joined by the various stories of the listeners. Then, before we officially start, should we listen to a song? Hong Jinyoung and Bray sing it, “Seoul”.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I still like you
I can’t leave this place
Where are you?
Please find my lost love

When I pass by Yeongdeungpo, where we met often
I keep looking around
The shabby bar where we unthawed our hands
Has already been demolished
A tall building stands in its place
Where are you? Aimlessly, I’ve stopped.
I’m looking blankly at
Someone who looks like you.
I’m anticipating again in this place.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I don’t know how many times I’ve been fooled
Everyone is like you
Everyone has a warm expression
Sufficient smile
Only I’m crying again

I don’t know how many times I trusted
Everyone resembles you
Please find me
I’d rather just stand still here

Everyone is curious only about my name
Though they won’t even remember it
When I shake and totter, they only embrace me

I wanted to be a cool person
As much as there is distance
I tried cutting my long hair
I’ve tried wearing clothes I haven’t worn before
With various appearances
It seems not a thing has changed
This city has become a forest and I’m an ant
By my shoulder with thing passing by chaotically
Calmly, thus far, lonely

(Hong Jinyoung)
Can you not find me
Because I’ve changed too much?
Perhaps it’s the same for me
Nothing is different so you’re slowly forgetting me

Did you maybe pass by me?
Even if you saw me from afar
The side of me that you loved before is
Different from now

This city is erasing me

(Hong Jinyoung V/O)
Even though everyone who shared their story are all living in the city of Seoul, there are many diverse sides. Even if a moment of exhaustion comes to you, I hope that you can have strength, sometimes through music, sometimes through stories. I was happy to encounter countless stories of Seoul people. Then, I will say goodbye here. Let’s meet again tomorrow.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I still like you
I can’t leave this place
Where are you?
Please find my lost love

Korean Lyrics (한글 가사)

아직도 그대가 좋아
이곳을 난 떠나지 못해
어디에 있나요
잃어버린 내 사랑을 찾아줘요

자주 만났던 영등포를
지나칠 때마다 계속 두리번거리네
우리 손 녹였던 허름한 술집은
어느새 허물어지고
높은 빌딩이 자리해
어디 있어 정처 없이 멈춰있지
어쩌다 보니 닮은 누군가를
하염없이 바라보고 있어
나는 또 이 자리에 기대

몇 번을 속았나 몰라
전부 다 그대 같아서
모두 따뜻한 표정들
적당한 미소들
나만 또 울고

몇 번을 믿었나 몰라
전부 다 그댈 닮아서
나를 찾아줘요
차라리 여기 가만 서 있을 테니

전부 내 이름만 궁금해
기억조차 못할 거면서
휘청휘청대면 안아주기만 해

멋진 사람 되고 싶었어
멀어진 만큼이나
길었던 머리도 잘라보고
좀처럼 안 입던 옷도 걸쳐서
여러 모습으로
하나 변한 건 없어 보이네
이 도시는 숲이 됐고 난 개미
정신 없게 지나치는 어깨 옆에
태연히 여태껏 외롭게

그대는 찾지 못하나
너무도 변해버린 날
어쩌면 나도 그렇게
다를 게 없어서 날 잊어가나

혹시 날 지나쳐갔나
멀리서 나를 봤어도
그대가 사랑한
그때 그 모습 지금과는 달라서

이 도시가 나를 지워요
아직도 그대가 좋아
이곳을 난 떠나지 못해
어디에 있나요
잃어버린 내 사랑을 찾아줘요

[TRANSLATION] My Daily Interview: “I Didn’t Realize Unnie’s Appearance on ‘My Little Old Boy’ Would Become A Topic of Conversation Like This” (November 2018)

“I Didn’t Realize Unnie’s Appearance on ‘My Little Old Boy’ Would Become A Topic of Conversation Like This”

For singer Hong Jinyoung, right now is her most enjoyable day. As much as she worked hard in every moment to get to this point, she is receiving a lot of love. From music to varieties, Hong Jinyoung’s height of prosperity continues.

Especially recently, she appeared on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ and became a topic of conversation for days on end. From romantic atmosphere with Kim Jongkook to an appearance accompanied by unnie Hong Sunyoung, she monopolized the topic of conversation.

“I’m thankful that many people like me. When I go to events, I can feel it a bit more. People immediately express that they like me so I’m very happy too.”

Especially on ‘My Little Old Boy’, you could see a new side of Hong Jinyoung through her chemistry with unnie Hong Sunyoung, who is overflowing with excitement. Hong Jinyoung said, “We finished filming about 2 months ago. I did predict that it would be fresh since it’s the first time unnie was unveiled to viewers” and reflected back on the reaction at the time saying, “But I didn’t know it would be this huge. Even when my name is not there, unnie’s name was on the popular keyword searches”.

“It was a bit burdensome for unnie at first because it became than we thought. But when she goes to markets or the mart, elder ladies compliment her saying ‘You look so slim in person’. I strictly told her that’s not true. (Laughs) Unnie is thankful too as many people are liking her. As soon as everyone sees unnie, they say that they watched ‘My Little Old Boy’ well.”

Every variety show that Hong Jinyoung appears on explodes properly. From ‘Omniscient Interfering View’ to ‘My Little Old Boy’, Hong Jinyoung is on popular variety shows. She said, “I receive many proposals for broadcast appearances but due to my busy schedule, it’s difficult to appear on them all” and said, “Broadcast of ‘My Little Old Boy’ was filmed a while back and I couldn’t have predicted (its popularity) either. Programs that I had filmed earlier are coming one by one, so people think even more so that I don’t rest at all”.

Hong Jinyoung will continue to ‘work hard’ until the year end. She will release a new song ‘서울사람’ (translates to ‘Seoulite’, ‘Seoul person’; a person from Seoul) joining producer Park Geuntae’s project. This trot song is a collaboration of producer Park Geuntae and lyricist Kim Eana, and the participation of ‘trot queen’ Hong Jinyoung has been drawing anticipation.

“I had recorded this song last year. A collaboration opportunity came this time so I recorded it again. I can show a new appearance once again to people who enjoy my music so I’m anticipating it a lot too.”

From varieties to releasing a new song and even various events, Hong Jinyoung is always running. She said, “Someone told me I’m a ‘happiness virus’” and she laughed saying “I read a comment that said that because I am always laughing even when things are difficult”.

“Even when it’s difficult, I always try to laugh when I work. When I laugh, my mood is lifted even when I’m down. When fans saw my SNS updates of when I went to Pohang one day, and then Jeonju again, they thought it was impressive saying, ‘You make your hardships not look hard’. For me, weekends are Mondays and every day is Monday. So I don’t have the Monday blues. (Laughs) The reason why I’m enjoying it is because I’m doing work that I like.”

Hong Jinyoung, “No Marriage Yet, But Confident I Can Receive Love of Mother-in-Law”

Singer Hong Jinyoung is receiving love from men and women of all ages with her witty words and actions. She especially received the love of mothers of celebrities on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ and ascended as the ‘nation’s daughter-in-law’.

“When I go to department store performances, many mothers come. They really adore me. I think I receive even more love because I approach the elders with affection and have a comfortable image. I’m not thinking about marriage yet but when I get married later, I think I can do well. I’m confident that I can receive the love of the mother-in-law.”

As she monopolizes the love of the elders, as expected, opportunities to stand (on stage) come pouring in. Hong Jinyoung said, “I think my dating cells are dead right now. I think it’s even more so because I don’t have any thoughts of marriages yet” and said, “There are so many things I have to do and I want to do.”

“I think the seeds have really dried up now. Haha. When I liked someone before, I couldn’t approach them first. But if there was someone that I really liked, I did approach them. But now I don’t think I can do it. Someone needs to approach me first for something to progress but there’s no one like that right now. I don’t have thoughts of marriage yet but I’ve already made all of the plans for after marriage. (Laughs)”

Recently, Hong Jinyoung has showcased various contents and expanded her domain. From YouTuber ‘Samba Hong’ to songwriting and launching a makeup brand, she’s living a life where 24 hours is not enough.

“I work hard as a singer but when I want to try something, I try to attempt it all. When time passes, it becomes even more difficult to do. I have a lot of greed when it comes to work so there is a lot I want to try. I continuously wrote songs since a few years ago and makeup is one of the things I like the most and one of the things I’m good at. I wanted to apply good ingredients on my face so I ended up launching makeup.”

Although Hong Jinyoung is always busy, she does not forget about diligent self-care. She said, “First of all, I maintain my stamina through food. I eat red ginseng and fermented soybean powder and fruit juice” and received attention by saying, “Recently, I’ve been grating apple and radish on a steel plate and eating it with a spoonful of soy sauce and it’s so good for your body. I want to recommend it to many people.”

“I’m trying to find happiness in small things. I relieve stress in a normal way by buying pretty shoes or clothes. After performing at events, I find happiness by eating meat for dinner or going to a delicious eatery and watching a drama at home. Day-to-day feels like it repeats daily but each day is also different. I’m finding small enjoyments while living.”

“Next Year’s Goal is ‘Hongdition’, Ultimate Goal is Producer”

Singer Hong Jinyoung unveiled her dream of becoming a manager and producer.

At a recent interview with My Daily, Hong Jinyoung confessed, “My ultimate goal is to become a producer. Forming my own management company has been a long time dream.”

“On a previous broadcast, I have spoken about an audition program called ‘Hongdition’. There are many people who still remember it. I’m  planning to officially start it next year. It’s an audition where I’m personally planning for a trot rookie. It would be good to attempt producing after more years of experience but I think it would be better now because I can teach and show more while I’m actively promoting. After opening the opportunity, I want to help friends who want to attempt trot so that they can survive well.”

Many broadcasting stations proposed a collaboration for Hong Jinyoung’s ‘Hongdition’ but she said, “I want to do it in a more fun and diverse format so rather than a (television) channel, I’m thinking of a different direction” and was sure of herself saying, “I’m planning ‘Hongdition’ through YouTube ‘Samba Hong”s new channel. I think it will progress more freely if it’s on YouTube”.

“Since I was a rookie, my dream was to be in the management business. As time passes, I found myself resembling that dream. It’s a step by step process of progressing toward that dream. I could fail, of course. But I could also make up for it and attempt it again next time. Strangely, I think that if I foster (a rookie), I think they can be a really good singer. Our (entertainment agency) CEO always tells me that it’s not easy. (Laughs)”

Hong Jinyoung emphasized that ‘unique colour’ is what is needed in the next generation trot market. She said, “When I first debuted, the question mark was why trot singers didn’t appear in dramas, magazine editorials or advertisements” and emphasized, “I thought that the domain of activity needed to expand. Like how Jang Yoonjung unnie and Park Hyunbin oppa expanded the market, going forward, trot singers need to do broad activities with their own unique personalities.”

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