[SUB] Jinyoung’s First Radio Show on V Live

Hi everyone,

We’re very pleased to bring you our first official translated content!

We’ve fully subbed Hong Jinyoung’s first radio show on V Live in English, which you can view on Hong Jinyoung’s Official V Live Channel!

The translation of the V Live title is: “Ttery Unnie’s First Radio… Is This Right? (Scratch, Scratch)”. Listen as Hongvely serenades her listeners with many songs, answers fan questions, gives hilarious traffic reports, can’t help her appetite despite a swimsuit CF the next day, gives us a behind-the-scenes listen at what life is like with her staff and duets with her sister, Sunyoung!

Be sure to turn on the CC (closed captioning). And be sure to subscribe to Jinyoung’s V Live channel if you haven’t already. Happy listening!