About Us

Curious about who’s running this site? We are a dynamic duo of two Korean and English-fluent international fans who quickly connected over our mutual love of Hong Jinyoung and want to show our support of Godttery unnie.

Ha lives in Perth, Western Australia. She is trilingual (English, Korean and Vietnamese) and even though she is not Korean, she took courses in Korean Studies at the University of Western Australia, which led to her fluency in the language, while majoring in Chemical Engineering. You can find her on Instagram as @hjy.dst and on Twitter as @thanhha146

Stella lives in Toronto, Canada. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved with her family to Toronto, Canada at the age of 9. She works in marketing for a global technology company by day, and is a shameless fangirl of both Hong Jinyoung and Girls’ Generation (on @SonexStella) by night. You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram as @hongjinyoungfan

Be sure to follow both of our Instagram accounts for timely translations of Jinyoung’s Instagram posts! 🙂