[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Muzmon Interview: New Year First Ballad Song ‘Love Is…’ by a Trot Fairy (January 2019)

Q: Please introduce your new song “Love Is…”.

Hong Jinyoung: ‘Love Is…” is a lyrical ballad which contains the pain that approaches more and more realistically after a goodbye. You will be able to hear my soft and appealing voice that I haven’t shown before. The song is enhanced by a majestic orchestra so I think it will be a song that many people can relate to and listen to comfortably. I wanted to show everyone the ballad sensibilities inside of me as a ballader Hong Jinyoung, not trot Hong Jinyoung.

Q: Trot fairy Hong Jinyoung! This time, you released a ballad song, not trot, we’re curious how you felt about singing a traditional ballad.

Hong Jinyoung: Since it’s not the style of music that I sing normally, creating music in a new style was a big experience for me, and I liked it even more because it was an opportunity to meld my colour with the style of Park Geuntae composer-nim who made countless ballad hit songs.

Q: “Love Is…” is a song that would be good for these people to hear! Any recommendations?

Hong Jinyoung: I think winter is a season when people miss ballads. When you go through life, it’s inevitable for each day to be busy and for it to pass by without time to spare. I hope that you overcome the cold, drink a hot cup of tea and immerse yourself in emotion while listening to this song. For someone, it can be a source of comfort and sympathy, for someone else, I want to tell them to rest. Isn’t that the diverse charm of this song? During the cold winter, I would like it if you listened to “Love Is…” and discover momentarily forgotten sensibilities.

Q: Do you have your own tips on how to overcome winter well?

Hong Jinyoung: In order to overcome the long winter, as expected, I think you need to eat well. You need to maintain your stamina with food. I often eat health foods like red ginseng, fermented bean powder and fruit juice. Recently, I’ve been grinding apple and radish and adding it to a spoon of soy sauce and it’s so good for your body. I saw the proper effects so I want to recommend it to many people. More than anything, eat every meal well and like me, when you lose your stamina, eat meat and you will be able to overcome the cold winter easily. Up to now, it was Hong Jinyoung’s tips to beat winter by eating. Haha. (Laughs)

Q: Hong Jinyoung, who was hotter than anyone else last year! Please tell us about your new year plans in 2019.

Hong Jinyoung: This year will be 10 years since my debut. “Love Battery” came out in 2009. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years… This feeling is so new. I want to create a meaningful year with fans who have cheered me on and loved me for 10 years. I don’t have a full length album yet. I want to release a full length album, I want to do concerts and I want to run the audition that I mentioned often on broadcasts. It’s called ‘Hongdition’. Please look forward to it, everyone!

Q: Lastly, please greet your fans.

Hong Jinyoung: I’m able to greet you with my first ballad song since my debut. Until now, I’ve been working hard to get to his place with only passion but I think I’m still lacking. I want to repay fans in many fields with an even better appearance. Please give me a lot of love going forward!

Source: Naver Muzmon

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