[LYRIC TRANSLATION] “Seoul” (서울사람) – Hong Jinyoung (홍진영) feat. Bray (브레이)

English Translation

(Hong Jinyoung V/O)
Hello, it’s the first broadcast of Hong Jinyoung’s Seoul FM. I’m DJ Hong Jinyoung. It’s my first time being a DJ so I’m very nervous but going forward, I will be joined by the various stories of the listeners. Then, before we officially start, should we listen to a song? Hong Jinyoung and Bray sing it, “Seoul”.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I still like you
I can’t leave this place
Where are you?
Please find my lost love

When I pass by Yeongdeungpo, where we met often
I keep looking around
The shabby bar where we unthawed our hands
Has already been demolished
A tall building stands in its place
Where are you? Aimlessly, I’ve stopped.
I’m looking blankly at
Someone who looks like you.
I’m anticipating again in this place.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I don’t know how many times I’ve been fooled
Everyone is like you
Everyone has a warm expression
Sufficient smile
Only I’m crying again

I don’t know how many times I trusted
Everyone resembles you
Please find me
I’d rather just stand still here

Everyone is curious only about my name
Though they won’t even remember it
When I shake and totter, they only embrace me

I wanted to be a cool person
As much as there is distance
I tried cutting my long hair
I’ve tried wearing clothes I haven’t worn before
With various appearances
It seems not a thing has changed
This city has become a forest and I’m an ant
By my shoulder with thing passing by chaotically
Calmly, thus far, lonely

(Hong Jinyoung)
Can you not find me
Because I’ve changed too much?
Perhaps it’s the same for me
Nothing is different so you’re slowly forgetting me

Did you maybe pass by me?
Even if you saw me from afar
The side of me that you loved before is
Different from now

This city is erasing me

(Hong Jinyoung V/O)
Even though everyone who shared their story are all living in the city of Seoul, there are many diverse sides. Even if a moment of exhaustion comes to you, I hope that you can have strength, sometimes through music, sometimes through stories. I was happy to encounter countless stories of Seoul people. Then, I will say goodbye here. Let’s meet again tomorrow.

(Hong Jinyoung)
I still like you
I can’t leave this place
Where are you?
Please find my lost love

Korean Lyrics (한글 가사)

아직도 그대가 좋아
이곳을 난 떠나지 못해
어디에 있나요
잃어버린 내 사랑을 찾아줘요

자주 만났던 영등포를
지나칠 때마다 계속 두리번거리네
우리 손 녹였던 허름한 술집은
어느새 허물어지고
높은 빌딩이 자리해
어디 있어 정처 없이 멈춰있지
어쩌다 보니 닮은 누군가를
하염없이 바라보고 있어
나는 또 이 자리에 기대

몇 번을 속았나 몰라
전부 다 그대 같아서
모두 따뜻한 표정들
적당한 미소들
나만 또 울고

몇 번을 믿었나 몰라
전부 다 그댈 닮아서
나를 찾아줘요
차라리 여기 가만 서 있을 테니

전부 내 이름만 궁금해
기억조차 못할 거면서
휘청휘청대면 안아주기만 해

멋진 사람 되고 싶었어
멀어진 만큼이나
길었던 머리도 잘라보고
좀처럼 안 입던 옷도 걸쳐서
여러 모습으로
하나 변한 건 없어 보이네
이 도시는 숲이 됐고 난 개미
정신 없게 지나치는 어깨 옆에
태연히 여태껏 외롭게

그대는 찾지 못하나
너무도 변해버린 날
어쩌면 나도 그렇게
다를 게 없어서 날 잊어가나

혹시 날 지나쳐갔나
멀리서 나를 봤어도
그대가 사랑한
그때 그 모습 지금과는 달라서

이 도시가 나를 지워요
아직도 그대가 좋아
이곳을 난 떠나지 못해
어디에 있나요
잃어버린 내 사랑을 찾아줘요

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