[TRANSLATION] Star News Hanbok Interview: Hong Jinyoung “Marriage? My Parents Tell Me To Do It When The Time Is Right” (February 2018)

“This lunar New Year, listen to my new song and spend your way back to your hometown in an exciting way!”

Singer Hong Jinyoung (34)’s eye smile remained the same. Hong Jinyoung, who met up with Star News prior to the lunar New Year holidays, had well wishes for fans while promoting for her new song ‘Good Bye’, the first song she released in a year.

Hong Jinyoung is planning to spend this lunar New Year holiday resting and also promoting her new song. On New Years Day, she will rest spending time with her parents who are coming from her hometown, and the rest of her holidays will be spent preparing for music broadcast stages and focusing on work related to her new song. 

“Typically, the holidays are a ‘high season’ for me. Haha. This time, I think I will need to have more time resting. Soon, university orientations will approach and in the spring season, various events are approaching. After the lunar New Year holidays, I have to work diligently so I’m trying to conserve my stamina.”

Hong Jinyoung spoke about her parents’ reactions to ‘Good Bye’.

“From the time my parents heard the demo version of ‘Good Bye’, they liked it and cheered me on a lot. They are always a big source of strength. My parents always tell me ‘You have to focus on your health’ as my life is busy.”

One of the questions often heard during the holidays is ‘marriage’ and we asked if her parents mention it.

“Marriage? My parents don’t say ‘Hurry up and get married’ yet and they tell me ‘Get married when the time is right’. Truthfully for me, perhaps it’s because I’m busy with work, I’m not eager about marriage.” 

In regards to her ideal type, Hong Jinyoung responded “I hope they have a comfortable appearance looks-wise and I hope they can be a comfortable person when they are with me” and “I don’t wish for a lot of things. It doesn’t matter if they work in a similar field as me, I just want a person I can lean on”. Hong Jinyoung added while laughing, “I will date first and if I do get married, I will tell you personally”. 

On the 7th, Hong Jinyoung resumed her activities as a trot singer through her new song ‘Good Bye’, her first release in a year. ‘Good Bye’ is a trot number in a retro genre. It has a peculiarly familiar melody and an addictive chorus, completing a trendy trot song that’s unique to Hong Jinyoung. Regarding this song, Hong Jinyoung confidently revealed, “This is a song created with the essence of my hit songs ‘Love Battery’ and ‘Cheer Up’”. 

“Personally, ‘Good Bye’ is a song that I’d like to give a perfect score of 100 out of 100. While recording, the most difficult part was the choreography. There’s a lot of bending technique in the song, so there are a lot of choreography where the body naturally twists. I think ‘Good Bye’ is a song that contains many emotions. The point is sad lyrics contained within an exciting melody. You will feel an deep lingering image.”

‘Good Bye’ received attention as the first trot song that popular lyricist Kim Eana wrote. With regards to her teamwork with Kim Eana, Hong Jinyoung revealed, “I heard unnie wrote the lyrics with my image in mind. I think it suits me well” and “If there is an opportunity next time, I definitely want to work with her again.”

Through 2009’s ‘Love Battery’, Hong Jinyoung has received a lot of love as a new generation trot singer and this year is her 10th year of solo activities. Hong Jinyoung revealed her honest thoughts on having had a lot of popularity for a long time as a trot singer and the gazes that are directed toward her.

“‘Love Battery’ did really well. So when people look at me, they always think of ‘Love Battery’. Everyone’s impression of ‘Love Battery’ is so strong that even when I release a new song, the reactions are ‘Love Battery is the masterpiece’, ‘It’s difficult to surpass Love Battery’. But I’m confident that if you listen to ‘Good Bye’ for a long time, it will become a masterpiece. I think it’s because people aren’t used to it yet.”

Hong Jinyoung also emphasized that although she has been promoting as a singer for nearly 10 years, “There’s a lot I’m lacking in.”

“I think I need to work even harder. I believe that trot can become a trendy genre. I have a huge desire to bring generations together through trot that’s not too old. So I (although I am comparatively a young singer) thought that I need to break down the generational wall and decided on ‘Morning Plaza’ as my first comeback stage.”

Along with this, Hong Jinyoung mentioned her ambitious dream. Which was ‘CEO producer’. 

“I want to personally compose and write and give songs to hoobae singers. I have a dream of being in the management business and train hoobaes. I don’t know when I will be able to fulfill this dream. Haha. If you do a public audition through SNS Live, I think you’ll be able to attract the attention of the public even more. Although I am happy living as a singer, new challenges are thrilling to me!” 

Source: Star News

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