[TRANSLATION] Hong Jin Young Interview in ANA DRONE Magazine (May 2017)



The lady who knows about drones through entertainment and music shows. When she saw a drone at a recording near the beach, she expressed her opinion about drones, stating that there is a lot of advantages in using drones for recording. “Drone is an equipment that can capture the whole view, not just a specific part. From a close-up shot to an overview full shot, it is a device that can capture at many angles. Looking at a drone makes me think that I want to have one too”, said Hong Jin Young.

If I Could Ride a Drone~

Hong Jin Young expressed her unexpected imagination about drones. She imagined riding a drone around. “I know that a pilot is not needed for a drone, but I would like to manipulate and make it into my own device which I can ride on. It doesn’t have to travel very far like to overseas, but nearby places like the supermarket in the neighborhood. I think it is great to have a drone that can travel comfortably to somewhere nearby. Since there are heavy stuff I need to carry when I go shopping, I want to take the drone to drop them at the verandah.”, said Hong Jin Young. A comment that is very Hong Jin Young-like.


The Hong Jin Young when the camera is on and the Hong Jin Young in real life outside the camera’s angle are exactly the same. In the middle of busy schedules, she kept asking the staff “Would you like to have pizza?” during the shooting. She has the power of bringing smiles to the people around with her bright smile and carefree personality.

Hong Jin Young wanted to become a singer since she was little. With an amazing vocal ability and full of cuteness, she has come a long way since those difficult trainee days. She has never complained about her recent busy schedule. When thinking about the trainee era, Hong Jin Young is always thankful for every moment she is on stage now. She said that she is always feeling happy and thankful in spite of her busy schedules which leave her no time to rest.

Hong Jin Young in real life when the camera is off is exactly the same as she is on air. She is even brighter and full of life when the camera is off. “I am always full of life and excitement. I often turn on club music to listen when I’m alone. It’s exciting! But I tend to listen to ballads and pop songs when it rains.” Though she is alone, the girl that is full of life listens to music on her way to schedules.

“Love Battery” Which Made Me the Person I Am Today

Of her various hit songs, she says she is most attached to ‘Love Battery’. “If ‘Love Battery’ didn’t exist, the person that I am right now would not exist either. Through that song, I was acknowledged by the public. Of course, I like my recent song ‘Loves Me, Loves Me Not’ as well. When I sing a song, the empathy attached to it is different; an exciting song should be sung excitedly and a sad song should be sung sadly, so I try hard to carry emotions according to the song.”

Hong Jin Young has recently shed new light on herself through ‘Unnies’ Slam Dunk’. Behind her lively appearance, she endured difficult times in silence, and she honestly communicated an incident that made her who she is today to the viewers and has gained a lot of sympathy from them.

She said, “As various people have gathered under the theme of dreams and share stories on broadcast, I think an honest side of me is coming out a lot more than normally” and she showed a bright smile saying she would like to be the ‘Vitamin of the Trot World’.

We were curious about her marriage plans and asked Hong Jin Young and she firmly said, “I don’t have any thoughts of it yet”. Hong Jin Young said, “It could be because I’m busy but I haven’t yet given big thoughts to marriage. But if I do get married, my dream is to live normally like everyone else.” Hong Jinyoung’s ideal type is a ‘comfortable person’. “My career is one where I have to dress up every day. But even if I don’t dress up, for example, if I wore a stretched out T-shirt and very comfortable sweatpants, a person who I can reliably lean on without any burden is my ideal type. However, the one thing I would like is that they do not look at other women, other than me. That must go for anyone though…”

When Hong Jin Young has time off, she watches movies or searches for delicious restaurants. She drinks coffee with people in her life and chats to relieve stress. Considering she doesn’t like exercising, and even watching it, her figure must be interpreted as being born with it. Hong Jin Young, who possesses a voluminous figure, says the strength of optimism makes who she is.

Source: Special thanks to @cicjenny for the tip and photos!

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